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Church at 18580 Partlow Road, Beaverdam, VA 23015

Rehoboth United Methodist Church.

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in Beaverdam, VA

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  • This is a church that has a very friendly, caring and loving environment. It's a church that is small but on the move. It is open to all people. I love the mission minded vision of the church where they are feeding the hungry such as the summer feeding program for the children as well as the food pantry for families in need in the community. They also provide spiritual nourishment for the soul such as small group Bible studies, Sunday School, and great sermon series. They currently are having Vacation Bible School called Rome, Paul and the Underground Church. The children are in groups called families and they are learning about God love which is a gift, is always with us,how it changes us, how it saves us and how his love is worth sharing. They visit Paul and the Underground Church as well as visit the marketplace to try foods and make crafts of that time period. They have fun playing the Apprenticeship games of ancient Rome and they end their day with Extolla which reinforces the theme of the day and praising God in song. The children are having such a great time!! I love this church and I highly recommend it!!

    Added April 02, 2017 by Karen Sloop
  • Open, friendly, cross generational family church who are actively in mission in the community

    Added September 09, 2016 by Christopher Watson
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